Charlie Sheen — Hotel Rager Story Is ‘MALARKEY’

Charlie Sheen
tells our sources … he did NOT throw a room-destroying rager inside the Ritz-Carlton in NYC this weekend … he didn”t even drink alcohol — calling the partying rumors total “malarkey.”

Charlie called in to “our sources Live” moments ago to dispel the rumors once and for all — claiming they”re “so silly, without any merit or any foundational anything that resembles reality.”

Charlie says he had no time in his schedule for anything other than press appearances this weekend — promoting his new show “Anger Management” — and he DEFINITELY didn”t have time for alcohol-fueled benders. Charlie says the alcohol on his hotel bill wasn”t even for him.

As for the new report Charlie “flipped out” on his daughters and bailed on the premiere for Denise Richard“s new movie — Charlie says that”s not true either.

According to Charlie, he bailed on the premiere because his daughters didn”t want to walk the red carpet — and the last thing Charlie wanted was to appear in photos alone with Denise, who divorced him in 2006.

Charlie said, a photo like that “sends the wrong message.”

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