Charlie Sheen — Checks Out of Rehab, Drinks Non-Alcoholic Beer … In New Commercial

Charlie Sheen is hoping the Dutch appreciate a little self-deprecation .. “cause The Warlock just starred in a non-alcoholic beer commercial in which he totally mocks his own issues with substance abuse.

The ad begins with Charlie leaving The California Rehab Clinic (not a real clinic) … with the doctor telling Sheen, “We don”t want to see you back here again, Charlie.”

He replies, “Let”s NOT have a drink sometime.”

Charlie gets into his car … only to see EVERYONE he passes on his ride home is drinking beer … including a pregnant woman and police officers.

Finally, Charlie realizes the brew contains 0% alcohol … and decides it”s OK to imbibe.

No word on how many Euros Sheen pulled in for the spot.