Charlie Sheen — Ashton Kutcher SUUUUCKS

And now a torpedo of truth from Charlie Sheen — “I”m tired of pretending Ashton doesn”t suck.”

Sheen called in to Live today … when he finally spoke his mind about the guy who took over the starring role on his old show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Sheen had been politically correct towards Kutcher ever since AK took over … but after Warner Bros. legally threatened Charlie for using a “Men” photo to promote his new show, “Anger Management” … it was no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Sheen told us, “I”m tired of lying … I”m tired of pretending the show doesn”t suck … I”m tired of pretending Ashton doesn”t suck.”

Charlie added, “It”s nothing personal … I just feel bad for him … he”s saddled with such bad writing.”

Ladies and gentlemen … he”s back.