Charles Ramsey — My Auto-Tuned Interview Video is AWESOME!!


DEAD GIVEAWAY!!! Ohio abduction hero Charles Ramsey tells our sources, he absolutely LOVES the viral auto-tuned remix of his post-rescue interview.

In case you haven”t seen it, the same guys who famously auto-tuned Antoine Dodson“s “Intruder Alert” video gave Charles” interview the same treatment.

And Charles tells us, he was blown away by the creativity put into the song, adding, “I couldn”t have ever done something like that … I”m gonna bump it like I”m Tupac!”

And speaking of rap — Ramsey says he”s now kickstarting a career in hip hop, managing a local rapper named Mike Feez. Ramsey says he”s helping him promote his new upcoming song out later this year called “Dance Lyke U Humpin.”