Channing Tatum Trounced on the Basketball Court–by a Two-year-Old!

Channing Tatum Trounced on the Basketball Court--by a Two-year-Old!

He can act, he can dance (and strip), but when it comes to shooting hoops, Channing Tatum isnt necessarily your go-to guy.

During an appearance on a Spanish talk show earlier this week, the strapping stud went head-to-head on the basketball court with an incredibly talented player named Titusand lost. And get this: Titus is only two-years-old!

The Magic Mike star was given 45 seconds to make as many successful shots as possible, making all but two.

Then it was Titus” turn. The youngster sunk an astounding 14 shots into the net! Hardly a sore loser, the 21 Jump Street heartthrob then picked up the toddler for a victory lap.

Tweeting after the show, the actor said, “He may only be 2, but this kid”s got game! Had fun playing a little b-ball w/ Titus on @El_Hormiguero today.”