Channing Tatum: Fan Favorite in Joliet

Channing Tatum: Fan Favorite in Joliet

He may be one of the hottest male actors in the business, but Channing Tatum hasnt forgotten that his loyal followers made it all possible!

The Shes the Man hunk spent some time giving back to his fans in Joliet, Illinois following a long day on the set of Jupiter Ascending on Tuesday (August 6).

Tatum posed for pictures and signed autographs for 200 lucky folks, most of whom were giddy gals with big smiles on their faces.

Meanwhile, despite reports that Channing accidentally punched his costar Mila Kunis while filming a scene recently, it turns out the National Enquirer was simply lying.

The tabloid claimed, Mila was supposed to run to Channings left side while he threw a punch from his right side, but she got her directions crossed, ran the wrong way and Channings fist slammed her cheekbone!

However, an insider declared that the whole notion is not true.