Chad Kroeger — I Love Being Married to Avril Lavigne

Exclusive 072913_chad_kroeger_launch
You might hate his music … you might even hate his goatee … but you gotta appreciate the way Chad Kroeger gushed about his wife this weekend when we asked about his new marriage to Avril Lavigne.

The Nickelback frontman was leaving Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood last night after a dinner date with his wife — when we asked about life as a newlywed (Chad and Avril tied the knot on July 1).

“It”s an amazing feeling,” Chad told us … adding that he plans to stay in the honeymoon phase with Avril “until the day I die.”

All in all, it”s a pretty good clip … and Chad couldn”t have been nicer.

Almost makes us want to crank some “How You Remind Me” … almost.