Chad Johnson — LIED TO DOLPHINS in Desperate Attempt to Save Job

Chad Johnson
lied to his coach”s face this week in an effort to keep from being cut from the Miami Dolphins … but it didn”t work … and Chad”s humiliating termination was all caught on tape.

Johnson”s ill-fated meeting with Coach Joe Philbin was captured by the crew at “Hard Knocks” … a weekly HBO documentary series following the Dolphins which aired last night.

“Hard Knocks” cameras followed Johnson on the day after he was arrested for domestic battery … when he met with Philbin at the Miami offices … and tried to talk the Coach out of firing his ass.

During the very short meeting, Johnson told Philbin … “Coach, I”ve never been in trouble before … ever.”

He lied.

As our sources previously reported, Johnson was convicted of domestic violence back in 2000 … after slapping his then-girlfriend during an argument. Apparently, the arrest slipped his mind.

But even if Chad would have been honest with his coach, it”s highly unlikely he could”ve saved his job … Philbin made it clear the organization didn”t want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk.