Chad Johnson 911 Call — ‘He Hit Her on the Head’ … Don’t Tell the Media!!!

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Chad Johnson
“s wife Evelyn Lozada had a bleeding gash on her forehead when she ran to her neighbor for help this weekend … this according to the neighbor — who begged 911 dispatch to keep the whole situation hush-hush.

As we first reported, Evelyn fled to her neighbor”s house following a domestic dispute with Chad Saturday night, during which the NFL star allegedly head-butted her in the forehead.

The neighbor called 911 — telling the dispatcher, Chad “hit her on the head … She has a nice cut on the forehead that I believe is going to need stitches.”

But the neighbor wasn”t just worried about Evelyn”s cut, he was also freaking out about an inevitable media firestorm surrounding the domestic dispute … telling the dispatcher, Chad is a “very high-profile person and we”d like to keep this as quiet as possible.”

He pleaded, “We don”t need the news here.”

So much for that.