Celine Dion — Who Wants to Urinate In My Water Park??

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Wanna wade in the same lazy river where Celine Dion (and her kids) probably peed … well, if you have $72 MILLION … fire up your bladder, “cause her famous water park mansion is up for grabs.

You know the house … it”s the one in Jupiter, Florida with two awesome water slides, a bridge over a lazy river and badass watergun stations. It”s pretty incredible.

Now for some stats — 5.7 acres, 10,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths — and a closet that any woman (and most men) would KILL for!!!

We”re talkin” automated racks for clothing AND an automated carousel for all of your stupidly expensive shoes.

Plus, if you get sick of the water park (why would you get sick of the water park) the home is right on the beach … so you can frolic right to the ocean … and pee in that, too.