Celine Dion: Lovely London Lady

Celine Dion: Lovely London Lady

Giving her devoted fans some love, Celine Dion signed a few autographs outside the Dorchester Hotel on Friday (November 8).

While taking care of some media duties, the “All By Myself” songstress enjoyed a few laughs and smiles with her admirers waiting outside the hotel.

Recently, while on the Canadian television series “Le Banquie,” Celine listened to her very own rehearsal clip of “Loved Me Back To Life” and found it completely hilarious.

While preparing for an event, the 45-year-old singer showed off her vocal prowess in what appears to be a restroom.

During the clip, Miss Dion couldn”t help but crack up laughing, make funny hands gestures, and at point shed happy tears as she continued to watch.