Celine Dion — Disgruntled Ex-Employee Turned Down $10k Severance


Celine Dion
says the ex-employee who”s suing her got more than enough cash to cover his alleged overtime — and she says he turned down a $10,000 payout when he was fired.

our sources broke the story, Keith Sturtevant — a former “warehouse manager” for Celine and her husband — filed a federal lawsuit … claiming he was never paid overtime even though he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week during his 3 plus years of service.

But a rep for Celine tells our sources, Sturtevant was “paid a handsome yearly salary that covered overtime for his services for three years.”

In his lawsuit, Sturtevant says he originally made about $50,000 per year — but eventually got a raise to $63,000 per year.

The rep also claims Sturtevant turned down a very handsome severance package — vacation pay plus $10k — when he was fired last month.

We”re told Sturtevant got the boot due to poor performance.