Celine Dion — Bigger Than Michael Jackson — So Says AEG

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It”s Billie Jean vs. Titanic, and AEG claims the ship wins hands down.  Translation — AEG is trying to convince the Michael Jackson jury that Celine Dion is bigger than MJ.

AEG exec John Meglin is on the stand in the wrongful death case, scoffing at the Jackson family”s claim that Michael would have earned $1.5 billion had he lived.

Meglin told the jury it”s his opinion Celine is a bigger star and therefore more bankable than MJ ever would have been.  Yet according to reports, Celine is worth a measly $400 mil. 

Fun facts:  Jackson ranks #3 in most albums sold worldwide — more than a billion (behind the Beatles and Elvis) . Celine ranks #9 at 200 million albums.

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So we gotta ask …