Celebs Take Aim at Anthony Weiner on Twitter

Celebs Take Aim at Anthony Weiner on Twitter

He knew it”d be difficult to come back from the 2011 sexting scandal that led to his resignation from Congres,s and Anthony Weiner is now getting lambasted once again over similar behavior.

After admitting that he continued sending sexually explicit photos and messages to women even following his resignation, celebs, comedians, and other commentators are having a ball with jokes at his expense, particularly with his pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

Thoroughly enjoying the hilarious joke opportunities, Patton Oswalt tweeted, “Right now Samuel L. Jackson is in Anthony Weiner”s apartment, telling “Carlos Danger” about the Avengers Initiative.” and “Hello. My name is Carlos Danger. You sexted my father. Prepare to be blocked.”

Delighting in the alias, Michael Ian Black posted, “I only got up to Level 2 on my Spanish Rosetta Stone, so I never learned about Carlos Danger. :(” while Denis Leary tweeted, “Carlos Danger is also the lead character”s name in the Mexican reboot of Rescue Me.”

Soon, a Name Generator was created and became very popular, with Chrissy Teigen sharing, “hahaha @johnlegend your sexting pseudonym is Gustavo Furtive, according to @Slate”s Carlos Danger Name Generator” and Richard Roeper writing, “My sexting pseudonym is Armando Catastrophe, according to @Slate”s Carlos Danger Name Generator.”

Check out what other famous faces are saying about Anthony Weiner below.

Albert Brooks: Royal baby has a name: George Arthur Carlos Danger.

Rupert Murdoch: NY mayoral hopeful Weiner almost tragic if not so funny. What a sicko. Should help city by just fading away.

Olivia Wilde: Where there”s a Weiner there”s usually sexting.

Mario Lopez: It”s 730am and Carlos Danger has already made my day… 🙂

Michael McKean: “The greatest trick Carlos Danger ever pulled was convincing the world he didn”t exist.”

Mark Duplass: If you unscramble the letters in “Carlos Danger” you get “Smallish Dick.” Not really, but that would be pretty awesome.