Celebs Cheer on Make-A-Wish's Batkid

Celebs Cheer on Make-A-Wish's Batkid

Almost the whole city took part in granting the wish of one little boy who dreamed of becoming Batman for a day in San Francisco on Friday (November 15).

Adorable Miles finished his Leukemia treatments in June and suited up to fight crime as Batkid as San Francisco turned into Gotham City.

After the 5-year-old saved the city from DC villains including The Riddler and The Joker, hearts across America melted, including those of some famous faces. Check out celebs” reactions on Twitter below.

President Barack Obama: #FollowFriday RT @SFWish: Here he comes!!!! #SFBatkid

Elizabeth Banks: Bit late to #BatKid, but damn if he isn”t a ROCK STAR! Also, a great reminder of the amazing work done by @MakeAWish.

Nick Lachey: As a new dad, i am so moved by #batkid and by all the volunteers who are helping to bring his wish to life!! Awesome! #SFBatKid

Olivia Munn: I love #Batkid. I”m cheering you on little man!!

Anna Kendrick: Just read about #BatKid and I am IMMEDIATELY in tears. Go #BatKid!

Alex Vega: #BatKid just makes my heart explode. What a little bundle of joy!