Celebrity world"s most touching adoption stories

Celebrity world
When Denise Richards adopted her daughter Eloise Joni, she already had two children of her own. The big-hearted actress also happily fosters her ex-husband Charlie Sheen‘s twin sons when their troubled mother Brooke Mueller is unable to care for them.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are famous for a large rainbow family of three biological children and three adopted ones who come from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Cambodia.


In Britain, Dawn French and her ex-husband Lenny Henry are adoptive parents to 22-year-old Billie.

Among well-known adoptees are the late Steve Jobs, Jack Nicholson and Nicky Campbell, who tweeted his parents a message of thanks to mark National Adoption Week.

Nicole Richie also had much to be grateful for, she began staying with Lionel Richie and his former wife Brenda aged three because her biological parents didn’t have the money to take care of her.


They formally adopted Nicole when she was nine and went on to stand by their little girl through her troubled teenage years, which involved arrests, stints in rehab and several car accidents. Now she is a devoted wife and mother.

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