Celebrity Hackers — Tons of Collateral Damage

Exclusive 0314-celebrity-hacker-getty-tmz
Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West aren”t the only ones screwed by the hacking scandal — our sources has learned, their business teams have been PARALYZED by the massive security breach.

Several of the hacked celebrities — who don”t want to be named — tell us, the phone numbers published online by the hackers have been blowing up all weekend.

Here”s the rub … the numbers don”t belong to the celebs — they”re numbers of the celebs” lawyers, accountants, and business managers.

We”re told fans have been calling the numbers nonstop, hoping to get through to the stars … and it”s become a gigantic pain in the ass — in some cases more than 500 calls a day to a single number.

Law enforcement sources tell us … authorities are working frantically to remove all of the info from the Internet … a task that”s next to impossible.