Celebrity birthdays: Christian Slater turns 45

Happy birthday Christian Slater! As the American actor turns 45, ! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Christian and you…
This is what Christian, who is a Leo, can be expecting today:

High-ranking officials are often expected to resign when mistakes are made or when there is evidence of malpractice “on their watch”. Whilst falling on one”s sword may seem like a very honourable gesture, we must ask, who is better placed in charge of the operation Someone with a clean track record Or someone who has now learned the hard way how, where and why things can go wrong The very thing that now makes you inclined to back away from a challenge, may be the reason why you should step up to the plate.

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Christian Slater

Christian Slater was born in New York City, and being a son of an actor and casting director, Christian landed his first acting job in the soap opera One Life To Live.

Throughout the 1980s Christian appeared on several Broadway productions, which eventually led him to get parts in films such as Gleaming the Cube and Heathers.

In the 1990s however, the award-winning actor starred in many high budget movies such as Robin Hood: Prince of The Thieves and True Romance, which propelled him to the A-list.

Over the years the charming actor has acted alongside film veterans such as Kevin Costner, Morgan Feeman, John Travolta and Cameron Diaz.

Christian has two children named Jaden and Eliana from his first marriage to journalist Ryan Haddon. The pair was married in 2000 but after an incident in Las Vegas, the couple separated and eventually finalised their divorce in 2007.

Christian is currently married to 26-year-old Brittany Lopez after tying the knot last year.