Celebrities Share their 4th of July Photos & Wishes

Celebrities Share their 4th of July Photos & Wishes

The Fourth of July is a time for picnics, barbeques and pool parties, and celebrities are no different when it comes to having a good time on Americas birthday, some even took to social media to share their celebrations.

Showing off their flair for fashion, Vanessa Hudgens, Bridget Marquardt and Nicole Snooki Polizzi posted pictures of their patriotic nails and clothing.

Ready to cool off and frolic in the water, beauties such as Bar Rafaeli and Heidi Klum showed off their spirit in barely there bikinis.

Others simply showed off the nations colors in their twitter feeds. Check out all the pictures and tweets below to see how your favorite star celebrated Independence Day 2013!

Kelly Osbourne: happy 4th of july everyone! #SlightlyIronicConsideringImEnglish

Kate Walsh: Super party happy #July4th. Shout out to all the military peeps serving these great states!

Kellan Lutz: Missing the smell of the BBQ right now! Hope you are all having a great 4th of July! Shoot off some rockets for me!!!

Lea Michele: Happy 4th everyone! Hope you guys have a great day!! Xo

Channing Tatum: Happy 4th of July everybody, hope you have a safe and fun day with family and friends.

Kendall Jenner: Happy 4th of July everyone! rocking my Arthur George American flag socks today

Justin Timberlake: Happy 4th of July. This is the independence we fought for. God Bless America!

Ellen DeGeneres: Happy 4th of July! In 1776, Betsy Ross signed the Gettysburg Address and celebrated at the Boston Tea Party. It was a magical day.

Heidi Klum: Happy 4th of July everyone!

President Obama: Happy Fourth, everybody.

Khloe Kardashian: Have an amazing Fourth of July!!!

Jim Carrey: Happy 4th America. I love ya, ya old coot. Have fun mixing liquor and fireworks today and don”t forget to STOP DROP AND ROLL!!!!

Alessandra Ambrosio: Happy 4th of July Everyone!