Celebrities React to the LAX Airport Shooting

Celebrities React to the LAX Airport Shooting

As news comes in from the incident at Los Angeles LAX airport, we have learned that a gunman reportedly shot and killed a TSA agent and wounded two other people this morning (November 1). The gunman is reported to be deceased, security has evacuated at least one terminal of the airport and all flights have been grounded.

Very little is known still about the incident, but celebrities both on the road and off have been tweeting about it.

Find out what some of the stars are saying in their tweets below:

James Franco: At #lax Some s**tbag shot up the place,

Alyssa Milano: “Several people wounded at Los Angeles International Airport after reports of gunshots http://bbc.in/Ht6RNp #LAX /via @BBCBreaking.”

Sarah Silverman: “Oy- didn”t know about LAX. I”m in NYC.”

Josh Groban: “Oh no. LAX. News isn”t saying much. How horrible…hope it”s resolved soon.”

Nick Jonas: “Currently waiting on the plane in a remote parking area. I am safe. Praying for the victims of this shooting.”