Celebrities React to Death of Roger Ebert

Celebrities React to Death of Roger Ebert

It was a sad day for Hollywood and film lovers everywhere as famed movie critic Roger Ebert passed away.

On Thursday (April 4), the 70-year-old Tinseltown legend lost his long battle with thyroid and salivary gland cancer.

Showing their love and appreciation for almost 50 years in the business, celebrities of all sorts took to Twitter to remember Ebert.

Take a look below to see what some stars had to say and be sure to stick with GossipCenter for all of the latest updates:

Jimmy Kimmel: Roger Ebert was an excellent writer, a gifted artist, and as nice a guy as youll ever meet. Sad hes gone.

Steve Carell: Thanks Mr. Ebert.

Anna Kendrick: Shocked and truly, deeply saddened at the loss of the great Roger Ebert. A legend. His voice will be missed.

President Barack Obama: The movies wont be the same without Roger

Jenny McCarthy: Roger Ebert RIP. #chicagolove

Seth Green: Ever a class act, @EbertChicago made me love movies even more

Alyssa Milano: Rest in peace, Roger Ebert! You were an inspiration.

Steve Martin: Goodbye Roger Ebert, we had fun. The balcony is closed

Larry King: Sad to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert, he was a grand man & in my opinion the dean of American film critics-he will be sorely missed

Dane Cook: Sad to hear about Roger Ebert passing away. RIP kind sir. I give your life two enthusiastic