Cee Lo — Please UN-BAN Me From Chattanooga!!

Exclusive 061913_cee_lo_launchCee Lo tells our sources … he feels terrible after being banned from a music festival in Chattanooga, TN for dropping too many f-bombs on stage — and now he”s begging for forgiveness.

It”s a pretty crazy story … the organizers of the Riverbend Festival blasted Cee Lo after his June 8 performance, claiming the singer completely ignored an agreement he made to put on a clean show for the “family” event. Instead, they say, Cee Lo cussed like a sailor.

Cee Lo also took heat for being late to the show … though event organizers said there were delays at the airport that were beyond Cee Lo”s control.

Still, when Cee Lo arrived to Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood last night, he had a message for Chattanooga — “I apologize.”

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Forgive Cee Lo


Forgive Cee Lo

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He adds, “Forgive me Chattanooga … have me back, OK”

So, we gotta ask …