Cee Lo Green Sued — Company Claims He Scrooged Them Over XMAS Concerts

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Cee Lo Green is being sued over the 12, no 6, no 2 days of Christmas — specifically, the lawsuit alleges his people conspired to fleece an unsuspecting promoter out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over concerts that were never going to happen.

Cierra Management Group claims in its lawsuit, Cee Lo”s people approached them in November, 2011 with a proposition — doing a tour called “12 Days of Christmas.”  Cierra would have had to front $100k per concert and it was too much money.

So Cee Lo”s peeps went back and proposed to slash XMAS in half and do 6 days at $100k each, but it was still too rich for Cierra”s blood.

So, according to the lawsuit, Cierra was offered a bargain basement Yuletide proposition — 2 concerts for a total of $243,000 including expenses.  It was too tempting and Cierra agreed.

But here”s the deal … According to the suit, the concerts never took place and Cierra believes Cee Lo”s people never intended for them to take place.  The suit claims it was all “a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest.”

Cee Lo is not accused of being part of the conspiracy — although his people certainly are — but he”s being sued for allegedly refusing to perform the 2 concerts.

Cierra wants a whopping $14.2 million.

We contacted Cee Lo”s people and so far no response.