Cee Lo Green Shows Off Head Ink

Cee Lo Green Shows Off Head Ink

He”s successfully rocked a chrome dome for quite some time, but Cee Lo Green decided to jazz things up a bit on top.

Appearing on the season premiere of “The Voice,” the longtime mentor sported some fresh ink covering his entire noggin.

However, the design may just be a henna tattoo as pics from upcoming episodes show a simple bare head.

In his new biography “Everybody”s Brother,” the 39-year-old musician shares that he turned to a life of crime to compensate for his odd appearance.

Explaining his thoughts as a young man, Cee Lo says, “My body was too short, my head was too big. I was strnage and I dressed different. At an age when other kids might be out selling lemonade, I stole my **** off. People who are brilliant-minded need a creative outlet. To feel endowed enough to take something from somebody is very empowering.”