Catwoman Anne Hathaway looks purr-fect with chic pixie cut

Catwoman Anne Hathaway looks purr-fect with chic pixie cut

Chopping off her mane for a film role was, she admitted, a traumatic experience that left her “inconsolable”.

Not that Anne Hathaway”s glowing appearance gave any hint of her anguish at a New York premiere.

The simple elegance of her cowl-back gown showed off her pixie cut to optimum advantage.

Anne, who is almost as famous for her long brunette mane as the Duchess of Cambridge, was the centre of attention as she joined famous co-stars from The Dark Knight Rises Рthe last installment of the Batman saga.

She plays Catwoman to Christian Bale”s superhero.

But the hair cut which caused her such anguish was actually for another part in Les Miserables.

“I”ve now done back-flips out of windows, I”ve jumped off buildings,” she said. “And cutting my hair reduced me to, like, mental patient-level crying.”

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