Cat Deeley: All-Smiles for Vegas September 2013

Cat Deeley: All-Smiles for Vegas September 2013

Taking time away from her hosting duties on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Cat Deeley scored the cover spot on Vegas magazine”s September 2013 issue.

While looking absolutely gorgeous in designer duds from Gucci and Tiffany & Co for the Brian Bowen Smith-shot spread, the 36-year-old star dished about her marriage and her reasoning on why the dance show is so popular.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Deeley”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Vegas!

On “So You Think You Can Dance”:
We were left alone to do our own thing for so long, but we found our niche. I never feel terrified. I feel excited and my adrenaline goes and I love it. The audience likes when people mess up, because every single person does in every day of their lives, but its how you handle it when you fall over or when you drop the mic. If you handle it with a bit of charm, the audience loves it.

On her uniqueness:
I dont really take myself too seriously because I cant. Im never going to be that sophisticated woman whos so put together that her bra and knickers always match. Ive reached the grand old age of 36, and Im fully embracing the fact that Im not perfect, Im a bit klutzy my nose bends one way, and I dont have any boobs. Im quite fun to hang out with and to go and have cocktails with-and I think perfection is really boring, actually.

On her long distance marriage:
We have an absolutely lovely time when were together, because were like, Oh, I have to go again in a minute. All my friends are really jealous of it, weirdly. Theyre like, What I wouldnt give to have my husband get out of my hair sometimes for eight days!

On her young audience:
I didnt want to continue this myth that everybodys perfect. I just dont think its very healthy for young women who dont know the industry. Its taken a village of people to make me look like that. Some of the best magazines are so creative and the images are pieces of art, but I think it should be made clear that thats not reality. Its important that women arent faced with this idea of perfection and trying to aim for something thats absolutely unattainable.