Casper Smart Dances in a Honeybee Costume

These days, Casper Smart”s honey is a megastar who surprises him with a customized truck for his birthday. But only a few years ago, he was just your average worker bee.

In August, 2008, Häagen-Dazs released a cause-related marketing initiative called Help the Honeybees, and one video clip featured none other than Jennifer Lopez”s professional dancer beau.

And dance, he does, dressed in a head-to-stinger bee costume (he”s the one in the white hat with the black elbow and knee pads). The frenetic, choreographed video features plenty of bees, though Smart takes center stage for a fair amount of it.

Right off the bat, he has some lines, addressing the hive (and imploring DJ Honey to “drop it”). Then he shows off his skills around :18 and his flexibility and strength at 1:20.

We can”t help but wonder if he ever thought he”d be doing this hot video with Ms. Lopez back in his bee days.