Casey Kasem — Family Feud Between Wife and Kids

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Casey Kasem
… the legendary DJ who hosted America”s Top 40 for decades, is in dire condition, and a family feud has erupted between Casey”s kids and their stepmom.

Jean Kasem — Casey”s wife — will NOT allow Kerri, Julie and Mike to visit their father, who lives in the exclusive Holmby Hills area near Bev Hills.   We”re told they”ve been trying to make contact with their dad for 3 months, to no avail.

Casey — who is 81 and has advanced Parkinson”s —  hasn”t been heard from in months. 

The kids are outside the house right now … with a group of friends, family and former co-workers of Casey — and we”re told Jean has just called the cops trying to get them away from the property.