Casey Anthony — You’re Not Big Brother … My Life Story is MINE

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Casey Anthony has just lodged a strong legal objection to her bankruptcy trustee”s proposal to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder … even though she hasn”t put it on the market.

The trustee already got a $10k offer from someone who wanted to buy it and then shelve the project so it could never be published. Anthony”s lawyer says in new legal docs it”s an outrageous proposition … taking someone”s thoughts and memories that are solely within their mind.

Anthony”s lawyer calls the proposal a “terrifying Orwellian prospect.”

If the trustee wins — which frankly he shouldn”t — Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story.

Anthony says the trustee is going so far — she couldn”t counsel “other victims of child abuse” if the groups tried to pay anything — including plane fare or hotel.