Carrie Underwood Talks Sound of Music Role: I Know I'm Not Julie Andrews

Carrie Underwood Talks Sound of Music Role: I Know I'm Not Julie Andrews

She”s excited for her live performance as Maria in NBCs broadcast of The Sound of Music, but unfortunately Carrie Underwood reveals that she has received some harsh criticism for taking on the iconic role.

During her interview with Entertainment Weekly”s Entertainers of the Year issue, the “See You Again” crooner shares details about being attacked by critics and fans after announcing she would playing the same role that Julie Andrews made famous.

“I get hate tweets and stuff like, “You”re not Julie Andrews!”” the blonde beauty explained. “I know I”m not Julie. Nobody is and I would never pretend that I was. I know my place.”

She continued, “She had this love for nature and this love for things that God made, this beautiful, the mountains, the music. And I feel that.”

Meanwhile Julie Andrews herself spoke to Zap2it about the former American Idol winner taking on the role.

“Fifty years later, it”s time somebody [else] had another crack at it,” Miss Andrews explained. “I had the best time of my life doing it, and it did wonderful things for me. I think it”s great that it”s being done again, but doing it life must be so daunting. I do hope for it works for Carrie, because she”s lovely and I”m a fan I wish her well.”

“I know they”re doing the movie, though. They”re doing the Broadway show – that”s what they have the right to and I don”t know whether it will resonate similarly,” she added.