Carrie Underwood — SELF-ASSBUSTIFICATION … Falls On Stage, Hurts Foot

Carrie Underwood
learned a painful lesson on stage in Corpus Christi, TX last night … 5-inch stilettos + a long, flowing shirt = RECIPE FOR PAIN!!!

The country star was performing her song, “Undo It” … when she kicked her heel back and it got CAUGHT in the tail of her shirt and — BOOM — she was on her ass.

Being the pro that she is, Carrie continued singing like nothing was wrong … barely missing a note.

Later, she tweeted: “Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage! Hilarious! Oh, wait, that was me!”

But it wasn”t her butt that was busted … it”s her foot. 

Good news, though — it”s not broken … just sprained and last night, Carrie posted a photo of her new footwear.

Get well soon!