Carol Burnett — Sued FROM THE GRAVE Over Home Video Deal

EXCLUSIVE 1121_carol_burnett_article_gettyFor once, someone”s NOT laughing at “The Carol Burnett Show” — namely the guy who helped create the TV classic, and is now suing over a home video deal, but the catch is … HE”S DEAD.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in LA County Superior Court by Bob Banner“s production company … and according to the docs Bob had a partnership to co-produce the show with Carol from 1967 to 1972.

Bob died in 2011 from Parkinson”s disease … but according to the lawsuit Burnett and Time Life struck a home video distribution deal in the summer of 2012. The suit alleges Bob  — or rather, his company — was cut out of the profits from that deal.

Banner”s company is demanding a full accounting of all profits earned from the “Carol Burnett Show” — including the home video deal … and, of course, wants its cut.

We reached out to Carol”s people, but haven”t heard back.