Carey Mulligan Talks Music & Acting Heroes in Harper's Bazaar UK June 2013

Carey Mulligan Talks Music & Acting Heroes in Harper's Bazaar UK June 2013

She”s gearing up for the premiere of her highly anticipated flick “The Great Gatsby” and during promotions, Carey Mulligan graced the cover of Harper”s Bazaar UK”s June 2013 issue.

While donning design duds from Prada and Bottega Venta for Tom Allen”s beautiful floral photo shoot, the “Public Enemies” star revealed her must-have music on set and opened up about her grandmother”s illness.

Check out GossipCenter”s recap of Miss Mulligan”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Harper”s Bazaar UK!

On listening to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO while shooting “Gatsby”:
“That”s what we used to dance to. It”s also the song that made me laugh hysterically and there were lots of times when I needed to go into a scene with that kind of energy.”

On helping her grandmother with music:
“I make [grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer”s] mix-tape CDs of different music. Music is something she responds to. She used to sing along. Now she just taps along, which is an amazing indication of the things the brain retains. She really responds to male voice choices and she loves Bryn Terfel.”

On receiving a gift from actor Daniel Day Lewis:
“He wrote me this beautiful handwritten note a couple weeks afterwards just saying how nice it was to meet me and that he”d like An Education. His penmanship was beautiful. The note was the most beautiful thing. If my house was burning down, I would save that. It is so precious.

On meeting actress Cate Blanchett:
“When I was about 14-years-old at school we had a copy in our rec room of Elisabeth starring Cate Blanchett and we just watched it over and over. Then I met Cate in Sydney because she work with my co-star Joel Edgerton [who plays Tom Buchanan in Gatsby]. They had done “A Streetcar Named Desire” together, so we all went round to her house for lunch. She was so wonderful. She lived up to my expectations.”