Carey Mulligan Talks "Great Gatsby" in Vogue May 2013

Carey Mulligan Talks

With her anticipated flick “The Great Gatsby” hitting theaters May 10th, Carey Mulligan soaked up the spotlight by covering the May 2013 issue of Vogue.

The 27-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning in designer duds from Dior Coutre and Alexander McQueen for the Mario Testino photo shoot while dishing about everything from becoming the infamous Daisy Buchanan to her remarkable luck in Hollywood.

“I was trying to be cool, but oh, it was horrible,” the “Pride & Prejudice” beauty admits. “It was terrying, the suspense. I was winding down on shooting “Drive,” so I wasn”t working that much, just waiting around for the phone to ring and for me to be disappointed.”

When discussing her experience on the “Gatsby” set, Miss Mulligan reveals, “It was crazy and exhausting and quite overwhelming. The biggest, craziest production I”ve ever been involved in.”

In regards to her career, Carey says, “It”s unsettling that you get exactly what you wanted. Not like some version of it, not a slightly lesser version of it, but exactly.”

“You”re like: This is weird. It is weird,” she adds.