Carey Mulligan Brings "The Great Gatsby" to "GMA"

Carey Mulligan Brings

Continuing to promote her anticipated film “The Great Gatsby,” Carey Mulligan stopped by ABC Studios in New York City this morning (May 1).

Joined along side actor Kyle Bornheimer, the “Public Enemies” beauty enjoyed some time on the set of “Good Morning America” while looking absolutely stunning in an all-black ensemble.

Recently, Miss Mulligan opened up to Harper”s Bazaar about her grandmother”s battle with Alzheimer”s disease.

“I make [grandmother] mix-tape CD”s of different music,” the 27-year-old actress explains. “Music is something she responds to. She used to sing along. Now she just taps along, which is an amazing indication of the things the brain retains. She really responds to male voice choices and she loves Bryne Terfel.”