Carey, Joel, and Ricky: ??Great Gatsby? Dinner in Sydney

Carey, Joel, and Ricky: ??Great Gatsby? Dinner in Sydney

Sydney, Australia was lit up with star power as Tiffany & Co hosted The Great Gatsby dinner this evening (May 23).

Joel Edgerton and his lovely lady Alexis Blake showed up at Rockpool for the swanky affair, posing for the paparazzi as they headed inside.

Also in the house were Ricky Martin and starlet Carey Mulligan, who has been working overtime to promote the flick as of late.

Speaking of Carey, shes also raising awareness for Alzheimers victims in the UK in hopes of stepping up care for the elderly.

She told press, I think people need to be more aware in their daily lives of people who could be suffering from Alzheimer”s. To be aware that somebody who can”t count their change in a shop when they are trying to buy a newspaper is not someone being old and doddery. They might potentially be suffering from Alzheimer”s and they might just need some help and assistance.”