(Cardboard) Tim Tebow Attends High School Prom

Rachel Bird and the cardboard Tim Tebow
For all his merits, Tim Tebow is one stiff date.

When Iowa high school student Rachel Bird invited him to her prom via Twitter, the single NFL star did not respond. Then she took matters into her own hands and fashioned a cardboard cutout Tebow instead.

“I didn”t want to go with just anybody just do have a date,” Bird told The Des Moines Register. So she and her father made a cardboard version of the quarterback whom Bird admired for his faith – and good looks.

Though he didn”t utter a word all night, cardboard Tebow (who wore Bird”s father”s cologne to mask the wood glue smell used to create the cutout) was a hit.

Girls wanted to dance with him and boys took photos with him, the paper reports. Added Bird: “I think more people took their picture with Tim than they did with me.”

And she”s not done with him yet. Bird, who will attend Northwestern College in the fall, plans to take her inanimate prom date with her in the fall. Her father”s thoughts on that

“I think as long as he”s made of cardboard,” said Bob Bird, “it”ll be okay.”