Cara Delevingne in i-D Magazine: I Wish My Body Was Curvier

Cara Delevingne in i-D Magazine: I Wish My Body Was Curvier

She”s making her way up the supermodel ranks, but even Cara Delevingne can admit she suffers from insecurities.

In the November 2013 issue of i-D Magazine, the 21-year-old stunner revealed what really affects her self confidence and how far she”s willing to go for her career.

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On her dedication:
“I would do anything for the right role, I”d shave all my hair off and my eyebrows, I”d gain weight, sky dive, jump off buildings, do my own stunts, I want to lean all there is to learn.”

On her paparazzi run-ins:
“I tried to punch one in the face the other day. I”m worried that I”m going to get into trouble one day. The pictures never tell the whole story, they don”t show the provocation from some of the paparazzi, and how some of them just want to provoke you and force an extreme reaction from you in order to get their story.”

On her biggest insecurity:
“My body because I”d like to be curvier.”

On her bad days:
“Everyone, including me, has off days. But I try my best to keep happy the way everyone around me does, and to keep up moral. Of course, I”m only human. I try and be real and keep my life real. I don”t expect anyone to think I”m always perfect because I”m not. No one is.”