Candice Stewart from ‘Big Brother 15’ — Mom FURIOUS at Aaryn Gries… She’s a Racist Devil

Exclusive 0712_candice_aaryn_article_cbs The mother of the female African-American houseguest on “Big Brother” says she”s seen ENOUGH racism on the show … and her church is so fed up with the bigotry, they”re calling for a BOYCOTT.

our sources spoke with Candice Stewart“s mother Hazel … who tells us it “hurts” to watch a disgusting racist like Aaryn direct her bigoted hatred speak at her daughter.

“She”s a devil,” Hazel says. “She”s mean and a racist.”

As we previously reported, Aaryn”s been on a racist tear in the house — most recently mocking Candice by speaking in a super-racist “black voice” that would probably make the KKK blush.

Hazel says her family church has also become concerned … saying, “They will no longer watch “Big Brother” anymore because of the racism. The community thinks Candice is being bullied.”

“If I would have known this is the way the show would turn out, I would have convinced Candice not to go.”