Camille Grammer Reveals Taylor Armstrong”s Abusive Relationship on Real Housewives

Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer
This season, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have rallied around cast member Taylor Armstrong in the wake of her estranged husband Russell”s suicide, but things got ugly on Monday”s episode when Camille Grammer revealed for the first time on the show that Russell had been physically abusive.

The revelation came after a spat between Taylor and Lisa Vanderpump, who confronted Taylor about not being invited to an awards luncheon the day before.

“I have bent over backwards since the day I met you to be kind to you,” a highly-emotional Taylor shouted over tea in Lisa”s sitting room. “And you have treated me so poorly that it is embarrassing.”

Although Lisa apologized and tried to explain that she wanted to help Taylor if she needed it, Taylor adamantly maintained her position. “I have never in my life tried to make somebody be my friend more than I”ve tried for you,” she added, before walking out of the house. “And I feel like a fool.”

When Taylor returned, she found her costars talking once again about her marriage to Russell. She suggested they should all start being completely honest and stop talking about each other behind their backs.

“I think everyone should start saying what they mean,” Taylor said.

But her castmates had their doubts. “I don”t think you want to put everything out there,” Camille responded, cautioning Taylor to “be careful.”

Lisa and Kyle Richards agreed, telling Armstrong, “We have all protected you.”

“We don”t say that he hit you,” Camille said, as a mortified Kyle hid her face in her hands. “We don”t say that he broke your jaw, or that he beat you up, and he hit you.”

Watch a clip below: