Cal Ripken Jr.’s Mom — Threatened at Gunpoint … AGAIN

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There”s something about Cal Ripken Jr.“s mom — because cops say she was just threatened at gunpoint in Maryland … barely a year after she was abducted at gunpoint in the same area.

Law enforcement in Aberdeen tell our sources, Violet Ripken was leaving an NBRS bank Tuesday when she was confronted by a handgun-wielding man in the parking lot. Vi told cops the man demanded her car.

At that point, cops say Cal”s mom was able to sound the panic alarm on the vehicle, and the man fled. He was later apprehended by police.

Thankfully, Cal”s mom wasn”t hurt during the exchange — but it”s still a scary reminder of last July, when Violet was abducted at gunpoint, forced into a car, and held against her will for 23 hours.

She was ultimately found unharmed, but still … scary.