Cal Ripken Jr. — My Mother is AFRAID to Go Back Home

Breaking News 080312_ripkin_gma_launchCal Ripken Jr. just appeared on national television … asking the public to help police hunt down the man who abducted his mother at gunpoint last week.

As we previously reported, Vi Ripken survived the abduction after spending 23 hours with an unknown male assailant … but the identity of the suspect is still unknown.

Moments ago, the MLB legend told “Good Morning America” show his mother is so shaken up from the incident, she will not go back to her house in Maryland … where she has lived for nearly 50 years.

 “Her sense of security is violated,” Ripken said … adding, “She”s a tough woman, but it”s a very traumatic ordeal.”

Ripken then addressed the audience — “Law enforcement needs your help so by going on TV hopefully somebody will know something about the case or somebody will see the suspect and offer a tip or a clue to the police department.”