‘Caine’s Arcade’ Kid — The 4-Figure Pinball Surprise

The cardboard-cutting days are over for that kid from the viral “Caine”s Arcade” video — because our sources has learned, he”s finally getting a real-life arcade game … worth upwards of $4,000.

In case you haven”t seen the video (below) — a 9-year-old kid named Caine Monroy built an entire arcade at his dad”s L.A. auto shop last summer … using nothing but cardboard left over from his dad”s stockroom.

Nearly a million people have seen the video in the last two days — including the owner of an L.A. pinball shop … who then invited Caine to come check out her store … and even meet a bunch of pro pinballers, including world champ Keith Elwin.

Sources tell our sources, Caine showed up to the store last night — a place called Pins and Needles, where he played on a real-life pinball machine for the first time in his life.

But the fun didn”t end there — we”re told Caine made such a strong impression on the store”s owner (above) … she offered him one of several pinball machines … ON THE HOUSE.

The vintage machines range in value — starting around a couple hundred bucks — but the mack daddy is the rare “Big Brave” machine (above left) … worth an estimated $3,000.

Caine has yet to decide which non-cardboard machine to take home.