Burglar Buncher Nick Prugo — In Jail After Bail Revoked … by His Parents!!!

Nick Prugo is back behind bars today after his bond was revoked by his own parents … our sources has learned. 

Prugo pled no contest last month for his role in the Burgler Bunch crime spree and was expected to serve 2 years behind bars. He was out on bond until his next court date in May.

According to our sources, Prugo”s bond was put up by his parents, who used their house as collateral. We”re told Prugo”s dad — after some sort of argument took place between them — called VIP Bail Bonds this morning and told them he wanted the bond revoked. 

So Prugo was booked and will remain behind bars until May … unless someone else ponies up his $200,000 bond. Don”t hold your breath.