Buff Bagwell’s Wife — Medication May Have Caused Pre-Accident Seizure

Former WCW wrestling star Buff Bagwell“s near-fatal accident this week may have been the result of a seizure induced by a sudden change in medication — this according to his wife.

Buff”s wife dialed 911 Monday — right around the time of his accident — claiming Buff had just called her on the road, saying he was about to have a seizure. Buff”s wife was worried, so she called 911.

She told the operator, “He”s been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for a bacteria that’s in his system from another antibiotic. He”s trying to cut back on pain pills, and maybe that’s what”s causing [the seizure].”

She adds, Buff “has had a seizure before from the same thing.”

Another 911 caller, an eyewitness who ran to Bagwell”s aid after the accident, claims the 42-year-old was barely conscious with “a lot of blood on his face.”

The caller claims no other car was involved in the accident. Buff is currently in intensive care at a nearby hospital.