Bubba Sparxxx — My Tax Problems Are WAY Bigger Than You Thought

Bubba Sparxxx doesn”t just owe $30,000 in back taxes to the State of Georgia, he owes hundreds of thousands to the Federal Government — but the rapper tells our sources, he”s finally changing his deadbeat taxpayer ways.

our sources broke the story — the State of Georgia is now garnishing Bubba”s wages to cover his $29,266 debt to the state … but Bubba tells us, that”s just the tip of the iceberg … his debt to the IRS is roughly ten times that amount.

As for why he let it get so bad — Bubba tells us, “I was having a good time and just wasn”t attentive to a lot of issues. My main issue was Mr. Tax Man, which I neglected because of doing things I had no business doing.”

Bubba claims he”s now turning his life around — saying, “This past year I have now changed all of that. I have stopped partying and hanging out … I got a tax lawyer and a business account to get my tax situation handled.”

Bubba adds, “I plan on paying my debt with my new album.” Good luck.

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