Bryan Stow's Friends Speak — They Sucker Punched Us


Bryan Stow was “sucker punched” in the side of the head by two L.A. Dodgers fans on the night of the attack that left him forever disabled … so says the men who were with Bryan that night.

Corey Maciel and Jeff Bradford spoke with NBC”s “Rock Center” last night … and described the scene when the attackers delivered a “running huge sweeping punch.”

Maciel described the sound of Stow”s head bouncing off the asphalt — “just the crack … just that sound of bone hitting asphalt.”

Maciel says the attackers continued to kick Stow in the head — even after he was clearly injured and not moving … and say he and Bradford had to jump on Stow and cover him up before the attackers ran off.

As for Stow, he”s talking and making improvements in his recovery — but doctors say he”ll be “disabled” for the rest of his life.