Bryan Cranston’s High School Yearbook — CHEMISTRY CLUB … Where Meth Dreams Began

Exclusive 0819_bryan_cranston_launch Bryan Cranston certainly puts the “meth” in method actor … “cause back when he was a teenager, the “Breaking Bad” star was a member of his high school chemistry club, our sources has learned.

40 years before he was Walter White, Cranston was just a regular science nerd from the Valley … who joined the Chemistry Club at Canoga Park High School in L.A. back in 1973.

Fast forward a few decades … and Cranston has become a TV legend playing the most famous meth-cooking chemistry teacher in the country.  Funny how life works.

Besides the science thing … Cranston was also a staffer for the school”s weekly newspaper … where he rocked a shirt that looked like he was ready for Studio 54 — where the coke was 99% pure.