Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Talk "Breaking Bad" at Comic-Con 2013

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Talk

Coming out on stage in a creepily true-to-life Walter White mask, Bryan Cranston joined Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn for a “Breaking Bad” panel at Comic-Con 2013 on Sunday (July 21).

The 57-year-old actor wore a green button-down shirt and khakis while his younger co-star sported a white shirt, cardigan, and blue pants as they hammed it up onstage. Nearby, Anna watched their antics in a pretty white sleeveless dress.

After having earlier walked the floor of the crowded convention center with the mask on, the Emmy-winning star told audiences, “It was the most fun I”ve ever had walking the floor.”

Speaking about his popular character on the AMC hit, Bryan shared, “I think every single person can run the gamut of emotions. Under the right circumstances, desperation, need, greed, whatever the case might be, depression, you push those buttons at the right time and anyone can become dangerous. And that”s what happened to Walter White.”