Bruno Mars — I Gotta Have Wet Wipes … On the Road

Exclusive 032513_bruno_mars_launchHe”s one of the hottest acts on Earth … so Bruno Mars could make just about any backstage demand he wants — exotic foods, imported candy, baby pandas — but turns out his one must have item is … a clean ass!

We caught up with Bruno in the Valley (he”s so not a Valley guy) … and asked him about crazy riders … aka the dressing room luxuries musicians demand while on the road.

Van Halen famously banned brown M&Ms … Lady Gaga wants a nude mannequin, and Marilyn Manson … a hairless hooker, naturally.

But Bruno told us he keeps it simple — WET WIPES!

Watch the video … there is one other thing he needs to accompany the wipes — but you gotta admire a superstar who puts hygiene first.